Friday, December 26, 2008


killtheslavemaster ... the band that I have not shut up about for the past seven years, managed to pull off a reunion show a little under a year ago in which I had to pull out of attending at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. I'm still not over it.

I remembered seeing the band name on the Mr Roboto Project show list website back in 1999/2000 sometime whenever I first started actively attending shows there. I failed to go for whatever reason, yet I managed to stumble upon their EP at the local record store (Brave New World) not long after. I picked it up, found it to be the most evil sounding recording known to man, was extremely upset that I had missed out on the show, did some internet research on the band, and then found that they had already broken up.

The music is somewhere between the riffing of Slayer and Carcass paired with the song structuring and intensity of bands like Abnegation or Racetraitor (which was a very closely related band in which I'm sure I will cover in a future post). Lyrically, the band brought an entirely new perspective to the "hardcore scene"; one in which had yet to be touched up until their involvement. Often labeled as "primitive anarchists", the band conveyed messages of anti-civilization and pro-wilderness through their teachings of distrust for governing forces. Urging others to wage in wars of the agrarian nature and to follow in the footsteps of the luddites before us, the band was considerably thought-provoking to say the least.

This download includes the only thing the band ever released (a self-titled EP) as well as a demo track featuring a different vocalist. There is one other song that the band has recorded floating around somewhere in the realm of hardcore. It was recorded for a Vegan Straight Edge comp to be released by Catalyst Records. killtheslavemaster's contribution was never added to the release due to the fact that they did not strictly adhere to the "ethics of the comp". Form your own opinion on this one. All I want is to hear the track.

The band has had 4 different MySpace pages over the years. Occasionally it would contain news of a potential upcoming split with Peregrine that has still yet to see the light of day. Despite the fact that past pages would sometimes host preview clips of new material, the current site has nothing to offer. Time will tell if the band ever releases another masterpiece.



d.l. lobos said...

here's the link to the song. apparently this was a demo that was supposed to go on a Catalyst Records compilation, but never made it. i'm not sure if other songs exist from those same sessions, although KT could probably ask Karl for you if you really want to know...

AJ said...

Thank you very much, sir. According to Karl as of approximately two years ago, it was the only song recorded at that session. It was for that comp in which they apparently sent out to Kurt and, at that time, still had never gotten a copy back. Next thing I knew it randomly appeared on their MySpace and also, subsequently disappeared before having chance to download it. Thanks again!

heavilyfocused said...

great blog due, i've been looking for this ever since i lost the cd somewhere around 05.

XsavagistX said...

its not the same recording we sent to Kurt. we re-did the guitars for his version and the vocals. those vocals were an old singer and the guitars were rushed big time. it was part of a recording project for a friend at school. hopefully Kurt threw the other version in the fucking garbage where it belongs. or as a coaster during Dungeons and Dragons where you cant eat meat or ale as part of the campaign rules. haha