Wednesday, November 5, 2008

CIPHER: Protoculture

In my eyes, Cipher stands alongside Earth Crisis as one of the few bands who has managed to maintain the morals and ethics that motivated them to start their respective bands after over 10 years of being together. While Cipher has yet to gain the recognition that Earth Crisis obviously has, I have always felt as though their message has been every bit as relevant and sincere as the aforementioned. Despite the continual release of top-notch music and lyrics, Cipher never seems to get the credit that I so strongly feel they deserve. I mean, I understand why things work the way they do (Cipher actually has a blog on the subject on their MySpace at ... yet it still frustrates me to see a band of individuals as sincere and dedicated as themselves continually get looked over. I fully believe that Cipher will go down in the hardcore record books as being one of the most underated bands of their time.

I continually do everything in my power to further the knowledge on this motivational, intense, and thought-provoking band ... and it seems as though anyone who I expose to the band becomes almost instantly-engaged to the aura that encompasses this group. The band is always well-received in our area and never fails to bring MOSH.

My offering unto you today is their Protoculture EP, which was released in 2000. While the newer releases of the Antidote EP and Children Of God's Fire LP (which are both still available from the band at their shows ... pick them up) show an enormous musical and lyrical progression, the energy and raw intensity on this EP has yet to be matched, in my eyes.



Josh Buck said...

I have a real copy of this

AJ said...

Come up out your pockets then.

jimXdfa said...

hey what's up. just happened upon your blog for the first time. nice job. i know its an old post, but if you still need the Cipher-protoculture cd, i have a copy and would be willing to sell it to you. definitely a band i really like, and i listen to the antidote cd a ton, but it sounds like the cd would mean more to you than me. if you are still interested email me at later man.