Thursday, November 13, 2008


Just recently found this band out. While going through my daily studying of Disembodied, I found out that they did a brief west coast tour with this band in the mid-90s. I managed to track down the Mp3s of their one and only album and felt the urge to share with the rest of you. This borders in the screamo realm, yet has a power that I haven't felt from a band since possibly ... Disembodied. Thick, layered guitar work accompanied by driving drum beats coupled with searing vocals make up this album that was released on Great American Steak Religion out of Canada.
Nothing else has been said about this band as they appear to have flown rather under the radar moreso than other bands since their inception.


toxik boys said...

good blog

=^..^= meow said...

this band was actually really "big" in the summer of 96'ish in the non-retarded hardcore scene. you just missed out on em, thats all