Saturday, November 29, 2008

DISEMBODIED: (Partial) Discography

UPDATED IN NOVEMBER 2009: This post originally included a collection of their early 7"s and rare compilation tracks. However, since the posting of this upload, Prime Directive Records has taken it upon themselves to release a compilation of the band's early material. Completely re-mixed and re-mastered, the album sounds as good as it looks. Please pick up a physical copy of this release on either CD or LP HERE. Make sure to support this label and release for really biting the bullet and releasing an album by a band who knowingly would only be playing a few shows a year (that's crazy talk by label standards).

Being one of the first bands in the hardcore scene to drop their tuning to the drastic level of A, Disembodied was not a band afraid to try new things musically. Taking equal cues from Slayer and Korn, they somehow managed to blend a style that has yet to be replicated even today. Gradually moving away from their initial screamo roots, the band took a more chaotic and metallic feel on their final full length and split releases. The band broke up not long after the release of their split with Brother's Keeper while 4/5s of the band continued on to form Martyr AD. Heretic serves as an almost seamless transition between the two projects.

Being mimicked ten thousand times over, Disembodied finally returned to playing live in May of 2009. From the first notes of the first show back it was obvious that Disembodied hadn't missed a single step in their nearly decade long absence.

As stated above, I removed the links to the band's earlier material which is now readily available. Listening to the original versions is completely pointless anyhow considering how amazing the remix and remaster of the album sounds. I have now uploaded the Disembodied & Brother's Keeper split as a separate upload. Yeah, I included the Broz Keep songs.


JPD² said...

damn aj, i've been out of the loop for so long. i am going to sit here and thank you for having this blog. i can't even describe the ridiculous aspects of the days events; however, because of the myspace page and this blog, i have embarked on the greatest musical discovery/ rediscovery of my life.

in short, keep it up!

christina said...

hey i put out the existence in suicide ep i think i still have a few laying around in a box. if interested. i can look.

Anonymous said...

Hey man.. .I just stumbled across this blog. Thanks for downloads!!

Hey Christina, Id be interested in that ep if you're still offering!!

Let me know..


ImpendingDoomTheory said...

christina i am intrested in the EP as well.

AJ said...

Glad the blog is serving someone a purpose.

Also, Christina ... I would love it if you could somehow hook me up with a copy. Regretfully, however, your blogger profile page is set to private and I can't get a hold of you. Please contact me at ... thanks in advance.

AllOverThisTown said...

This is a fairly comprehensive discography, but you're missing a few things.

First off, my name is Javier, and help with a label called PRIME DIRECTIVE RECORDS. Chase, who owns it, has put out seminal records from BLEEDING THROUGH, THROWDOWN and ADAMANTIUM. We have decided to go along with Disembodied playing in 2009, it was time for these rare song to be collected. Hopefully by the burning fight show a cd and 12" of these works will be released.

Some tracks that you are missing here include EULOGY from the NO SLOW, ALL GO comp 2x12" of Minneapolis punk/hardcore bands. The version of this song is different than the one on Diablerie.

A label called The Omega put out a comp called OURSELVES that had three live Disembodied tracks.

There was a fanzine and compilation done by the collective/venue PICKLE PATCH from Santa Barbara, CA. A live version of FORGET ME was on that comp, and is amazing.

Undecided Records planned on issuing a series of Metallica cover 7"s. The one featuring Disembodied never came out. They covered CREEPING DEATH. The only hard copy of this is on a Undecided comp.

There was a comp 7" called FUCK CHRISTIANITY that has BURNING CUPID on it, but I believe its the same version on IF GOD ONLY KNEW...

The Prime Directive release will also feature unreleased demos, the Confession 7", and a live set, all remastered and mixed. There will be a limited number in a hand screened box set with limited shirt and poster.

I actually stumbled onto this blog because I'm doing research on all pressing information for Disembodied vinyl. If anyone has information on weird/rare pressing on anything please email me

There will be a story posted in the next month or so about the making of DIABLERIE on my website

Thanks for listening to my superfanisms


Also check out for more Disembodied mp3s

steven said...

hey, i just came across this and i don't know if you know but disembodied cover 'creeping death' by metallica on the 'old,new and unreleased' cd on undecided records. i thought i would let you know so you can check it out and put it up?

Dominic said...

is that disembodied rerelease CD still available? the link that says "HERE" just takes me to a myspace page.